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NEW EPISODE out now!

As William Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name?”. We’ve all experienced going up to greet someone only to realise that we’ve forgotten their name; but, if this person has a title, in which situations are we expected to use it?

Join Jodie as we ask Lady Mayoress, Nina Schrinner, all things respect, kindness and etiquette when it comes to talking to people of importance and how she teaches manners and etiquette to her children whilst still having time to do everything else.

🎧To listen click link in BIO.

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Join us as Jodie asks Guyala Bayles, a proud Birri Gubba and Wonnarua model, poet and actor, how to respectfully ask questions about race and culture in Australia.
How often were you told as a child, “don’t ask questions because it’s rude”. Is that still true? How are we expected to learn about different cultures, races and fellow human beings if we don’t ask questions? If etiquette in essence is about being kind and considerate, is there a kind and considerate way to ask questions about someone’s heritage?
To listen 🎧 #whatwouldjunedallywatkinsdo #jdwbrisbane #modernmanners #mannersmatter

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“No other British Monarch has reigned so nobly, worked so tirelessly, or loved her people so profoundly.
Radiant and dignified amidst the setting sun of a fading empire, she stopped the dashing hooves of time, stood firm with unerring grace and bid the very setting sun reverse its course to shine another day for generations yet to come”
- David Vargo

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Dressing well is a form of Good Manners” - Tom Ford

Join Jodie and Dianne Cant as we dissect how synonymous good style is with good taste, and how to avoid being rude by commiting a fashion faux pas!

Where is the line between etiquette and snobbery, and how much of that has to do with what we wear? Whilst we all live in a time where people make a judgement about us within the first seven seconds of meeting - how much weight does each outfit hold? And what’s the difference between having good style and following the trends? 🎧to listen click here #whatwouldjunedallywatkinsdo #junedallywatkinsbrisbane #modernmanners #mannersmatter #bethebestyoucanbe

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