Professional Model


This course designed for young men and women aged 14 – 21.

Our aim is to provide quality professional training within a positive and friendly environment. This is an opportunity to gain confidence as well as industry skills and knowledge. This is an ideal programme for those who want the most up-to-date industry training or who simply wish to have that model look and confidence.

We teach you the techniques which will enable you to present yourself more credibly in your professional and personal roles. You will learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ for castings, television, catwalk and photographic model make-up.

This module covers the theory and etiquette of photographic work.  You will have your first professional session with a photographer. These photos will become the foundation of your first portfolio.

From the basics of catwalk etiquette, to choreographed routines, you will learn and practise the finer details of showing and selling a garment. Understanding backstage etiquette and developing teamwork on and off stage helps enhance a professional performance.

From casting terms and information to a simulated commercial casting, this practical class is filmed and later viewed by yourself with constructive feedback given on your performance.

Skincare includes skin analysis and discovering suitable products, in order to show the way to healthy glowing skin, an important part of the ‘successful model look’.

Our professional stylist will recommend how to create greater flexibility of styles to suit all occasions and situations. This will help you to change your ‘model look’ and so become more versatile.

How does an Agency really work? What is a portfolio?

You are your own business! This session covers procedures, policies and a models responsibilities to clients.  Learn how to dress appropriately for castings and auditions.

Discover the essential items every model must have in their ‘Model Bag’.

Simple daily health, exercise and nutrition habits can lead a happier and healthier life.

Our fitness expert teaches how to build a body that jumps out of bed every day with energy, a mindset that can handle any situation and how having a healthy, fit and strong body is vital for living life.

Etiquette and behaviour demanded by different situations are broken into simple steps.  Courtesy and consideration are the things that stamp us as civilised.



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Times are a changing! If the COVID-19 social distancing and stay at home guidelines are required, we are thrilled to announce all of our programmes and masterclasses will be available online to help continue the education of our students in Modern Manners, Etiquette, self- confidence and communication the JDW way! We took a screen shot of our Director @jodiebachemclean and our education experts in their Zoom meeting today, unpacking our content and delivery for our future programmes. Being in the virtual space is now a part of the June Dally-Watkins Legacy. Our beautiful Miss Dally would be so proud! #modernmanners #etiquette #jdwbrisbane #missdally #onlineeducation #junedallywatkins #chiceducationandtraining ...

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